Our product range

Ultrasun provides three different product ranges of professional tanning equipment.


The Q-series represent the lay-down devices or the sunbeds. From the Q6 entry level bed up to the ultimate recharge and relax Q30 device. These lay-downs can be equipped with features you prefer by adding Music Pro, Aroma & Breeze and Airconditioning. Experience tanning in the most luxurious way!


The i-series are the stand-up models Ultrasun offers. World's mostly sold i8 stand-up and world's largest stand-up the i9. This range is completed with a lockable changing cubicle which is available for both these upright devices. Re-energize and control the Vibraplate via the IQ-Touch Control. Everything is possible!


The Economy Series represent our basic entry models, or what we prefer to say: our timeless classics. These lay-down and stand-up tanning devices are of proven quality and therefore still highly demanded.

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We are a forward thinking business and have introduced many original ideas over our 40+ years of history. We were the first company to innovate with designs that challenged industry norms, including low/high combinations and stand-solutions in professional units. We supply high-quality performance with an emphasis on responsible use and product safety. We introduced the Ultrasun IQ Touch Control, the first complete digital two-way system that comes standard in our Q- and i-series.
The IQ Touch Control allows you to personalise and manage your equipment at any time or any place, as you need it, when you need it. Relax with aromatherapy and wellness sounds. Re-energize while dancing to your personal music in an air-cooled environment. Refresh with vibration technology and water vapour. Use the Rainbow Manager to personalise the right light attraction for you. When it comes to tanning, health and well-being, we have thought of everything. Whatever you require, we are sure to have an Ultrasun machine to suit you. Download here our Ultrasun Corporate Brochure.
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