UVA Light Can Decrease High Blood Pressure

UVA Light Can Decrease High Blood Pressure

The cold weather not only affects what you wear but also how you feel, especially when it comes to blood pressure. When the outside temperature is low, it causes your blood vessels to become even more narrow. This leads that more pressure is needed to force blood through these narrowed veins and the walls of your arteries.


Over time, high blood pressure can lead to health issues such as heart and kidney disease. Luckily a study shows that we can solve this problem by tanning. The UVA light inside tanning devices causes a release of Nitric Oxide – a type of gas in our system – which helps our body to regulate blood pressure in our circulatory system better.


Therefore, the UVA light from a tanning device can potentially decrease our risk of heart attacks and kidney disease. Click here to read more about it. And check out our tips on how to decrease high blood pressure.

*Remember to always consult with your doctor before trying a new treatment.

UVA light to treat high blood pressure
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